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Event Time and Date

Sunday, April 16 2017, 12:00 PM to Saturday, April 22 2017, 1:00 PM
47 Days until this Event

Lake McMurtry is looking for volunteers to help with the McMurtry Mud Run! There are lots of awesome jobs for volunteers to do. Interested individuals should contact Lakyn Dyson lakyn@lakemcmurtry.com for more information or to sign up!

A.      Parking: Volunteers will direct cards into and out of the parking areas
(big fields). You will be instructed on how this is done at the walk through
on Friday and when you arrive on Saturday. You are the first point of contact
for our participants and very important in order to make a great first
B.      Registration: Volunteers will check-in participants, put on wristbands,
hand out backpacks, and answer basic questions. There will be someone here to
help you know how to answer the questions! You are the second point of
contact for our participants and a smiling face can go far!
C.      Starting Line: Volunteers will be at the starting line, making sure
everyone from that team is there, that they have their wristbands, and that
they are excited to Embrace the Mud! You may also be responsible for taking
pictures of team costumes.
1.      Muddy Crawl: Participants will need to crawl through the muddy bog – not
walk! This is the 1st obstacle so encouragement and enthusiasm are very
important, try to encourage them to get muddy and cheer them on as they go
through. The muddier the kids can get – the better!
2.      Pirate Plank: Participants must cross a flat wooden log resting over a
shallow mud pit without losing their balance and falling in. They can do this
however they want – walking, scooting, crawling, etc. Obstacles 2, 3, and 9
are in the same area so the volunteers in the “Muddy Bottom” need to make
sure everyone knows how to do each obstacle and where to go next.
3.      Over & Under: Participants will go over & under the logs (not climbing
through the tires – they are there as blockades). Obstacles 2, 3, and 9 are
in the same area so the volunteers in the “Muddy Bottom” need to make
sure everyone knows how to do each obstacle and where to go next.
4.      Angry Birds: Participants shoot a ball using a large “slingshot,” that
is stationed in the ground, at a target. Each participants gets to shoot one
ball and when they are all gone – they all need to retrieve the balls. Have
the participants place the balls into the basket instead of throwing them
back – they get lost easily in the woods! Feel free to help the smaller
participants aim and pull back the bungee cord.
5.      Hay Climb: Participants will climb over the hay bales. Younger/smaller
participants can climb over the single hay bale and older/taller participants
can climb over the line of multiple hay bales. Most want to do the one with
more and it’s ok to let them try! Have all of the participants wait for
their team to get done climbing over before they move on to the next
6.      Rock Climb: Participants will climb up one side of the “mountain”
using the climbing rocks and flip over and climb down the other side with a
rope. Encourage them to Embrace the Mud! Have all participants wait for their
team to get done climbing over before they move on to the next obstacle.

Water Station: Participants will need to stop, relax, and have a drink of
water! Volunteers will pout and hand out water. There will be a walkie talkie
there so volunteers can let us know when the water jugs need to be refilled
or if there is an issue that needs to be handled. Feel free to ask the
participants what their favorite obstacle has been so far!
7.      Balance Beams: Participants will traverse over a mud pit by walking along
a wooden structure with ropes overhead. Shorter participants can use the
right side while taller participants and parents can use the left. Volunteers
will provide encouragement and make sure everyone waits for their entire team
before heading on to the next obstacle.
8.      Diggin’ 4 Gold: Participants must find a golden rock in the mud pit.
Each participant must find the golden rock in order to be “allowed” to
continue onto the next obstacle! Volunteers will need to put the gold back in
the mud before the next group comes along. You can make this as fun and
involved as you want!
9.      Muddy Tunnel: Participants must crawl through the tunnel one at a time.
Obstacles 2, 3, and 9 are in the same area so the volunteers in the “Muddy
Bottom” need to make sure everyone knows how to do each obstacle and where
to go next.
10.     Rope Bridge: Participants must walk across the rope bridge – simple as
that! They will need to cross in a single file line but more than one kid can
be on the bridge at a time. If a participant does not want to cross the
bridge, they can go around!
11.     Cargo Net Climb: Participants have to crawl underneath the first net and
climb up over the second net. Make sure they wait for everyone on their team
before they go on to the next obstacle. Encouraging team work and team
support is important!
12.     Slip N Slide: Participants will run and slide down a slip and slide.
Volunteers will help them get out of the pool at the end and have them wait
for their entire team before they go on to the next obstacle.
13.     Final Mud Crawl/Finish Line: Participants will crawl through a long mud
pit that is covered by netting. At the end, volunteers will cheer for their
success at completing the course! The most important thing – volunteers
will need to match the number on the kids wristbands to the adult that has
the matching number. We have to make sure the kids are being released to the
proper guardian! Even if they are on a team with their parents – you must
check their wrist bands to make sure they are with the right person.
Volunteers at this obstacle will also hand each participant their dog tag!

Lake McMurtry

Additional Information

Oklahoma State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, qualified disability, religion, sexual orientation, veterans’ status, genetic information, or age in its programs and activities.  The Equal Opportunity Officer is designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies and can be reached at (405) 744-9154, eeo@okstate.edu, or 408 Whitehurst Stillwater, OK 74078


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